‘The Legitimacy Of The Governor, Who Did Not Leave His Mansion In The Massacre, Ended’

ŞIRNAK (DİHA) – Stressing why they do not recognize the legitimacy of state institutions with the words “The legitimacy of the Governor, who did not leave his house in the face of the massacre in Silopi”, Cizre People’s Assembly Co-chairs stated that the move to build democratic self-government was initiated because the state institutions did not meet the demands of the people. The co-chairs stated that the democratic self-government model declared is a model for the whole of Turkey and should be applied everywhere.

The people started to develop and implement self-governance mechanisms against the AKP government’s implementation of denial and annihilation policies in Kurdistan by updating and against the self-will of the people. In the last week, the people in Cizre district of Şırnak, as in many cities of Kurdistan, declared that they do not recognize the legitimacy of state institutions and that they will develop and defend democratic self-government. Cizre People’s Assembly Co-Chairs Asya Yüksel and Mehmet Tunç evaluated the demand for “self-government”, which expresses the direct participation of the people in the administration and is being developed in many parts of the world. Co-chairs,

“The governor of the state is not doing anything other than arresting”

“The governor of the state does not do anything other than detention and arrests,” said Cizre People’s Assembly Co-chair Asya Yüksel, reminding the young people who were executed on the street, “What this governor has done for these young people. Citizens are tortured, did the governor listen to the people for once? There is a contradiction between the governor or the chief of police and the will of the people. This official not elected by the people is developing policies despite the people, “he drew attention to the tension and contradictions between the state and society.

‘Every neighborhood will solve its own problem’

“There is no need for Ankara to send anyone who has not come to this city in his life to rule us,” Yüksel said, saying that they have been trying to establish their self-government for years and that the construction of this will continue and complete with the announcement. Stating that democratic self-government is in the interest of the people and that it should be implemented everywhere, Yüksel expressed how the system will function as follows: “Every street and neighborhood knows its own problem better, as well as its solution. We have established our street and neighborhood councils. These assemblies are elected democratically and solve the problems of the people on the spot with a democratic understanding.

“We have no tolerance for state attacks”

Yüksel emphasized that the state should respect the demands of the people and said, “We did not attack the state and did nothing against the state.” Emphasizing that they will also improve their defense against the aggressive attitude of the state, Yüksel said, “We have no tolerance for the current state mentality. Our people do not tolerate the mentality that massacres their children every day,” he said.

‘How should we accept the persecution of an appointed person against the elected or the people?

Another co-chair, Mehmet Tunç, who made the assessment that “the current government has brought the Kurds to the point of breaking away from Turkey” pointed out that democratic self-government is a model that all Turkey needs. Tunç pointed out that a governor appointed from Ankara is stranger to the problems of the city and said, “Isn’t what we call democracy the self-government of the people? How can we accept the practice of persecution of the elected or the people who has been appointed as a democracy. sent here from here and this person contradicts the values ​​of this people. We cannot accept this situation, “he said.

‘Ditches are an act of self-defense’

Stressing that democratic self-government has been deliberately distorted by some media and circles, Tunç said, “We did not use concepts such as armament and separation. This people will defend themselves against state attacks. Not only the state, but the state has to develop its self-defense no matter where the attack comes from, and we will do this. For example, ditches opened. It is an act of self-defense, “he said. Saying that the ditches were dug to prevent police street executions, arrests and house raids, Tunç said, “As in self-defense, the administration should be in the neighborhood councils in all other areas. How the governor from Ankara asks how to account for the murdered young people in Cizre. Which has done something for this people so far. they are not

“We will not avoid paying the price”

“The legitimacy of the governor who did not leave his house in the face of the massacre in Silopi is already over,” said Tunç, “Some people are talking about the price. This people has been paying a price for 40 years. This city has always resisted this management style. We will never avoid paying it. everyone gave the message.

Expressing that they proposed the democratic self-government model to the whole of Turkey, Tunç underlined that the state should change its perspective on the region and that it should end its attacks.

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