Cumhurbaşkanı Adayı Selahattin Demirtaş, Hakkari'de konuştu - Video

Cumhurbaşkanı Adayı Selahattin Demirtaş - Bayram özel imc tv - Video

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DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - A march and press statement will be carried out by the Dicle People’s initiative in the Dicle district of Amed on the third day of Eid to condemn the attacks on Kobanê and the construction of military posts and dams in Kurdistan.

While the "peace and honour tent" protest is in its 26th day and is continuing near the village of Pîrêjman in the Dicle district of Amed, on the third day of Eid, a march and a press statement will be organised under the leadership of the Dicle People’s Initiative in order to condemn the attacks on Kobanê, the construction of military posts and dams. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The worldwide known British daily The Independent has published an article which is drawing attention on the common resistance of Kurds in Rojava and North. The Independent underlined, "North and Rojava Kurds united against ISIS threat."

The Independent added: "Syrian Kurds are struggling to fight off Islamist militants, flushed with their Iraqi success – but Turkish Kurds, veterans of guerrilla conflict, are joining forces with them." The article is as follows: "On the border between, Turkey and Syria, Muhammed Ahmad, a 23-year-old Syrian Kurd is waiting to return to the fight against Isis. He described Isis as formidable opponents. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - Kurdish political prisoner Ghader Mohammadzadeh is transferred to solitary confinement of central prison of Urmiyê in Iranian Kurdistan region (Rojhelat) for an unknown reason.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ghader Mohammadzadeh, the Kurdish prisoner is transferred to solitary confinement of central prison of Urmiyê for an unknown reason. He is charged with "belligerent and act against the national security by cooperating with Kurdish parties" and was first sentenced to death and then on court of appeal sentenced to 20 years in prison. Before his transfer, he was kept in normal ward and among normal prisoners. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - TRT General Manager Şahin said that in the event that Demirtaş repeats his talk targeting the TRT, they would cut the broadcast.

Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) General Manager İbrahim Şahin responded through a written declaration to Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş’s criticism about TRT’s broadcast not featuring him and presidential candidate Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu. Şahin said that they would cut the live broadcast should accusations targeting TRT continue, according to Cumhuriyet Newspaper’s news item, and added:

“All segments of society closely follow the presidential race and form their decisions based on correct information. […]

BURSA (DİHA) - Women should not laugh out loud in public, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has said while complaining about “moral corruption” in Turkey.

Speaking during an Eid el-Fitr meeting, Arınç described his ideal of the chaste man or woman, saying they should both have a sense of shame and honor. “Chastity is so important. It is not only a name. It is an ornament for both women and men. She will have chasteness. Man will have it, too. He will not be a womanizer. He will be bound to his wife. He will love his children. The woman will know what is haram and not haram. She will not laugh in public. […]

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - Twenty police officers have been sent to prison after being arrested as part of Turkey’s so-called “parallel state” probe.

The arrested officers, including former Istanbul police intelligence chief Ali Fuat Yılmazer, were among 39 others who were detained on charges of illegal wiretapping in an operation launched on July 23. Eight people were released by prosecutors while 11 others were released by the court. Yılmazer and Erol Demirhan, a former deputy chief of an intelligence branch, were arrested for “launching an organization to commit crimes” and “recording non-public conversations.” Others who were arrested face charges of “recording non-public conversations” and “forging official documents. […]

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - There people were killed when a public bus caught fire in Istanbul.

A fire broke out on the public bus, which was traveling from Tuzla to Topkapı, as it was proceeding on the TEM highway in Kavacık on the Asian side. The driver managed to stop the bus after crashing into safety fence. The passengers immediately left the bus, but three people died in the burning vehicle. Several people were also injured due to the crash and fire.

Firefigting teams extinguished the fire while injured passengers were taken to hospital. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS), the Sunni Muslim insurgent group who swept across northern and western Iraq earlier this year, menacing Baghdad in the process, has commenced the systematic destruction of the country's cultural treasures.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the group had destroyed a mosque in the northern Iraq city of Mosul that contained a shrine believed to be the tomb of Jonah -- who is revered as a prophet by Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The paper reported that the militants had wired the periphery of the mosque with explosives and then detonated them. "They turned it to sand, along with all other tombs and shrines," Omar Ibrahim, a Mosul dentist, told The Journal. […]

KOBANE (DİHA) - It is reported that YPG (People's Protection Units) fighters have targeted a vehicle belonging to ISIS gangs in the village of Beyadiyê to the west of Kobanê.

The vehicle was destroyed by the YPG fighters and 2 ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gang members were also killed. Meanwhile, the bomb attacks of ISIS gangs with heavy weapons and howitzers on the villages to the west of Kobanê is reported to be continuing. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Israeli army said Sunday it was resuming its raids on Gaza by land, sea and air after Hamas continued firing rockets, ending a unilateral 12-hour humanitarian truce.

"Following Hamas' incessant rocket fire throughout the humanitarian window, which was agreed upon for the welfare of the civilian population in Gaza, the IDF will now resume its aerial, naval and ground activity in the Gaza Strip," an army statement said. "Due to flagrant violations of humanitarian remission by Hamas, the IDF is now resuming offensive activities," army spokesman Peter Lerner wrote on Twitter. Following the announcement, explosions could be heard in Gaza City and there were reports of renewed shelling in eastern Gaza, an AFP correspondent said. […]

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