Kurds gathered in front of Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representation office in Paris and Brussels, to condemn the digging of ditches ordered by Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on the border with Rojava.
The demonstrators called on the Kurdish authorities to remove the ditches.


In the morning of 15 April, 10 Rojava citizens were brutally assaulted by Turkish soldiers as they attempted to cross from West to North Kurdistan. Turkish soldiers critically injured the Rojava citizens and also seized their money. […]

Google Earth which offers worldwide measurement-based terrain imagery renders Urfa as “Kurdistan”.

One of the most used search engines used across the world, Google Earth shares data trusted by hundreds of millions of Google Maps users. It also offers user-contributed map data from over 170 countries and territories through our Google Map Maker program.

A number of people are being subjected to punishments for using the word “Kurdistan” which also unions and associations are still being denied permission to use. […]

Jabhat al-Akrad – or “Kurdish Front” as it is sometimes known – was founded as a part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in 2013 and is composed largely of Kurds living in Kurdish-areas outside of Aleppo but has fighters of many different backgrounds. In a new interview for ANF, Bahoz Deniz has spoken with the commander of the Jabhat al-Akrad, Heci Ehmet El Kurdi, about the beginnings of the organization, its mission, and the state of the conflict in Syria more generally. Below is a translation of that interview into English.

`We Joined The Revolution In Our Own Name`

Jabhat El-Akrad is a project for a ‘Democratic Syria. […]

According to Karim Dahimi, the Ahwazi human rights activist, 84 Ahwazi Arab youth citizens have been arrested since 6 April, 2014 by the regime security forces, writes the website Rojhelat. The reason of their arrest and their whereabouts is still unknown.

Dahimi said that the police security forces have not shown any authorization for the arrest of these Ahwazi Arab youth who were arrested in their homes and also in their work place even without receiving any oral charges by the security agents.

It should be noted, writes Rojhelat, that, on April 15, 2005, thousands of Ahwazis protested against Iran’s ethnic cleansing policies in Ahwaz region in the south and south west of Iran. […]

Google Earth which offers worldwide measurement-based terrain imagery renders Urfa as “Kurdistan”.

One of the most used search engines used across the world, Google Earth shares data trusted by hundreds of millions of Google Maps users. It also offers user-contributed map data from over 170 countries and territories through our Google Map Maker program.

A number of people are being subjected to punishments for using the word “Kurdistan” which also unions and associations are still being denied permission to use. […]

Residents of a besieged district of Damascus are expected to run out of food on Sunday, leaving 18,000 people facing starvation and leading relief agencies to declare the crisis "unprecedented in living memory".

Food packages have not been delivered to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp for 10 days, and Syrian authorities are not expected to allow food trucks in over the Easter weekend. Residents have resorted to eating leaves and animal feed. Some say they cannot get access even to scraps, as a desperate blockade by government forces, in place for nearly 18 months, continues to cut off supplies. […]

Jabhat Al Akrad, or the Kurdish Front... The Al Akrad Front made itself heard after its fighters held ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) leader Ebu Musab captive during its first clashes with ISIS after its foundation in 2013.

By capturing the ISIS leader alive, the Kurdish Front attracted the attention of the international media and of all states party to the war in Syria. The Front gained further recognition following the remarkable success it achieved by defeating the ISIS in many areas, and it has now become a significant actor in the Syrian civil war thanks to the domination it gained in the areas it clashes with ISIS as well as the successful military operations it carried out. […]

A series of attacks, including a suicide bombing at a university in north Baghdad, killed at least nine people on Sunday, security and medical officials said.

The attacks took place ten days before a parliamentary election that will be a major test for security forces.

According to some reports coming trhough a suicide attacker entered the university before setting off explosives, while another bomber and a gunman were killed by security forces.

But an interior ministry official said the bombing took place at the entrance to the university, while a second bomber was shot dead.

The attack killed at least three people and wounded at least nine, officials said. […]

The Press Office of Al Akrad Front Brigade announced in a written statement on Sunday that seven members of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) were killed in clashes in Munbic region.
According to the statement, clashes broke out after al-Akrad fighters launched an action against ISIS gangs in the area. Two armored vehicles of ISIS groups were also destroyed in the action.
The statement also noted that al-Akrad fighter Eqîl El-Îdo (Şêx Ebo Îdo) lost his life in clashes in al-Bab district of Munbic on 16 April. […]

Last week’s state visit by Úachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina was a good week for the peace process and for the reconciliation phase of the process. I have no doubt that the state visit will help to further foster an atmosphere of greater mutual respect and understanding, especially in the north.

President Higgins, Queen Elizabeth, Martin McGuinness and our other representatives have demonstrated in a powerful way the importance of building bridges of understanding, and of parity of esteem between the people of the island of Ireland. […]

The vigil promoted by people from the Cizîre Canton of Rojava at the South and West (Başûr-Rojava) Kurdistan border has been taken over by a group from Girkê Legê.
Thousands of residents of the Cizîre Canton of Rojava gathered once again on Thursday on the border with the KRG to protest the construction of a border trench dividing South and Rojava Kurdistan.

Protestors pitched 10 tents in an attempt to establish a protest encampment and began a permanent vigil along the border.
Most of the protesters gathered in the village of Girê Sor, directly across the border from the village of Sihêla in South Kurdistan. The trench has been dug between the two villages. […]

Human Rights Association (IHD) former co-president and former chair of Diyarbakır IHD Branch, lawyer Muharrem Erbey, held a press conference after his release from the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) main trial last week. Erbey had been jailed since 24 December 2009.

Speaking here, IHD Amed Branch Chair Raci Bilici voiced satisfaction over the release of their friends, and demanded the urgent release of other political prisoners who are still being held in jail.

Bilici pointed out that Muharrem Erbey was arrested and put in jail for exposing and denouncing the violation of human rights committed by the state. […]

Sinn Fein has been ordered by Dundalk Town Council to remove Irish tricolour flag erected in the town's main square. The council wrote to the party after members had put up flags in Market Square in preparation for Sunday's commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Sinn Fein counillor Kevin Meenan criticised the stance of the council, describing it as "mental."  He said that every year members of the local commemoration committee put up several flags along a route that takes marchers from the square to the republican monument at St Patrick's Cemetery.

The march takes place on Easter Sunday afternoon and the flags are removed by the evening of Easter Monday. […]

BDP Batman MP Ayla Akat Ata, has filed a request to the Parliament on Ezidis' reinstitution of rights in Turkey.

Nowadays there are only 400 Ezidi people living in Turkey. They were some 80 thousands only four decades ago, but they have being assimilated from the Ottoman Empire first and the Republic after. They are mostly living in Urfa, Batman, Mardin and Diyarbakır provinces.

In her request Ata asked for the protection of Ezidis’ identity and culture, as well as an investigation of the oppression and violence they have been through, legally compensation of their damages, and restitution of their rights letting to live freely in the way their religion requires. […]

Colour party uniforms belonging to Republican Sinn Fein due to be used during an annual easter commemoration in Lurgan this Saturday have been seized during police raids in Craigavon. It is understood as many as 18 uniforms were taken from a house in the Drumbeg estate last week. The uniforms were bought to replace two sets previously taken by the PSNI and they are regularly used during events organised by the traditional republican party.

The same set of uniforms is believed to have been used by a guard of honour at the funeral of Co Donegal republican Joe O'Neill who died last year. The items recovered included trousers, jumpers, boots, scarves and berets. […]

TUYAD-DER (Association of Solidarity with Prisoners' Relatives) Van Branch issued a press statement at Feqiye Teyran Park to call attention to the situation of seriously ill prisoners in Turkish jails.
Reading the press statement here, TUYAD-DER Executive İsmail Akbulak pointed out that 20 prisoners have died in Turkish jails in the last three years.

Akbulak said the state was responsible for deaths in prisons where inmates are deliberately being left to languish, and underlined that; "An isolation system was put into practice in F type prisons after the year 2000 since when a number of prisoners have come down with serious diseases under severe isolation circumstances."

Remarking that only 9. […]

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement criticizing the bill on MIT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) recently approved by the Turkish parliament giving extensive powers to the organization.

Pointing out that the bill which authorized MIT to have talks with terrorist organizations hasn't been enacted with an aim to ensure a resolution to the Kurdish question, KCK said  meetings with Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan have been used as a "cover" for passing the bill. KCK also criticized the Turkish government for displaying frivolity by claiming the bill on MIT to be answering the calls of Öcalan and the Kurdish movement. […]

A man expelled from the Continuity IRA for criminal activity was shot dead on Friday at a diesel depot he operated in Belfast. Three men ran from a car and opened fire on Tommy Crossan in a daylight attack off the Springfield Road, shocking shoppers and mass-goers. The car used in the attack was found burned out a short distance away, at Beechmount Grove.

Known as 'Teflon Tommy' for his ability to escape arrest despite openly trading in illegal fuel, Crossan was expelled from the Continuity IRA three years ago. There were allegations he was pocketing funds raised in the organisation's name, and he was also accused of acting as an informer after the PSNI made a number of arms finds. […]

58 NGOs, political parties and organizations have announced in a written statement that they will be at Taksim Square on the May Day.

The NGOs and organizations which also include BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party)  came together upon the call of 1 May 2014 Committee constituted by DISK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB.

The joint statement which called on everyone to be at Taksim Square on May 1, "international day of unity, struggle and solidarity"", put emphasis on Taksim Square's importance in the social and political history of Turkey. "Taksim Square is a place of hopes and pains. It is the scream of those oppressed and subjected to injustice but do not surrender to exploitation. […]

Kurdish artist Ferhat Tunç wrote his impressions from a recent visit he paid to West Kurdistan with journalists Hasan Cemal and Erdal Er. Tunç went to Rojava following the talks a delegation from Dersim -which included him as well- held in South Kurdistan.

Tunç said the first thing he witnessed in Rojava was a picture showing that the 40 year old dream of the Kurdish people had come true there. "It doubled our joy and excitement to be in the lands that witnessed a great popular revolution. Almost everyone was sharing his/her trust that this revolution would be permanent. This was not just chattering away, everyone was making an effort and working for the realization of this desire", Tunç said. […]


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