ISIS gangs have sprayed bullets on the border village of Perepere in Suruç district of Urfa with an antiaircraft weapon they have placed on the Turkish border. A civilian from Kobanê, İslim Müso, was seriously wounded in the ISIS attack after the beginning of which Turkish soldiers on the border fled to a military post.

The ISIS gangs coming from the Heyho hamlet in Qeremox village east of Kobanê have brought on a vehicle an antiaircraft weapon of theirs and placed it right near the railway on the Turkish side, raiding with this weapon bullets on the village of Perepere. […]

50 youths from the town of Zabi in Kirkuk city of South Kurdistan have been kidnapped. The youths are reported to be those who have resisted to the repression of the ISIS gangs to take arms alongside themselves.

According to a report by RojNews agency, the local people are concerned about the lives of the 50 kidnapped youths. A local source speaking about the incident said that; “ISIS gangs have now started to kidnap the youths who have been forced to take arms alongside the ISIS but refused to do so. The youths are first kidnapped and then disappeared by the gangs. […]

DBP (Party of Democratic Regions, formerly BDP) Party Assembly member İhsan Demir and worker Hülya Kurtalan have been taken into custody by police in Urfa Thursday afternoon.

Demir and Kurtalan who have reportedly been detained in connection with an earlier presented case against them have been taken to the police headquarters. […]

The operations of political elimination against the Kurds increasingly continue since 6-8 October mass demonstrations across North Kurdistan in solidarity with the Kobanê resistance.

Yet another civilian by the name of İrfan Kuşçu was taken into custody as result of a raid by soldiers in Muradiye district of Van. Kuşçu who is accused of having joined the Kobanê protests has been taken to the Erçiş district after procedures at district gendarmerie station. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - Turkey appealed to the ECHR verdict on compulsory religion classes on its last day of application. The court may either admit or decline the application without any further explanation.

On its last day of application, Turkey appealed to the European Court of Human Right (ECHR) verdict on compulsory religion classes including Alevi people. According to Voice of America, Turkey requested the case to be heard by the Grand Chamber, a higher board of ECHR. Now, 5 judges from the Grand Chamber will decide on the appeal application. The court may either admit or decline the application without any further explanation. […]

Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-President Salih Muslim who spoke to ANF reacted angrily to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's comment that Turkey did not support ISIS, proposing that an independent international commission be set up to carry out an inquiry.

Defence line from Tel Kocher to Afrin

What is the current situation in the cantons of Rojava? Is there still a threat of attack?

There is war and struggle in Rojava. While military defence against attacks is continuing efforts are also being made to establish a system, which is gradually coming into being. All the institutions and people are involved in this system. […]

YPG (People's Defense Units) Press Centre has announced in a written statement that the attacks of the ISIS gangs aiming to occupy Kobanê continued on the 94th day.

The statement reported that YPG/J forces now have the advantage throughout the city and are making further advances against the ISIS gangs.

According to the statement, YPG/J fighters launched an attack against the ISIS groups near the Yermuk school on the southern front last night, inflicting severe blows on the gangs and recapturing three positions formerly occupied. 11 members of the ISIS were killed in the fighting in this area.

Short-time fighting also broke out around the Culture and Art Centre on the southeastern front, yet the number of casualties couldn't be verified. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Some 10 people have started a hunger strike in the Swedish capital Stockholm in solidarity with the 29 Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike against the repression by the Iranian regime which has entered its 30th day today.

The Kurds on strike in Stockholm for three days now have also launched a signature campaign demanding the satisfaction of the demands highlighted by the Kurdish inmates in Urmia prison, and pressure on the Iranian government to answer the demands of the prisoners. The signatures collected in the campaign will be submitted to the authorities of the Swedish government. […]

People's Defense Forces Press Centre (HPG-BIM) announced in a written statement that HPG guerrillas had carried out two suicide attacks against ISIS gangs in Keywan hamlet in Kirkuk yesterday noon.

Two members of the ISIS gangs were killed in the HPG actions, the statement said. […]

KIRKUK (DİHA) - HPG carried out 2 attacks against ISIS gangs in Keywan hamlet in Kirkuk.

People's Defense Forces Press Centre (HPG-BIM) announced in a written statement that HPG guerrillas had carried out two attacks against ISIS gangs in Keywan hamlet in Kirkuk yesterday noon. Two members of the ISIS gangs were killed in the HPG actions, the statement said. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Turkish military have launched an operation in Çitlibahçe village bound to Hazro district of Diyarbakır.

The operation which has been conducted in the rural areas of the village is continuing. According to the information provided by local people, the operation is being participated by large numbers of soldiers and village guards accompanied by armored vehicles.

The village has been taken under blockade by the Turkish troops and entry-exits of the territory have been banned. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The group said it was demanding a high profile certification of its ceasefire through either the United Nations, the Red Cross, regional intergovernmental organizations or the Catholic Church.

Colombia's Marxist FARC guerrillas have declared an indefinite unilateral ceasefire beginning on December 20 which they have promised to end if they come under attack by government forces, the group said on its website on Wednesday. "We have resolved to declare a unilateral ceasefire and to end hostilities for an indefinite time," the FARC said in a statement. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - Mehmet Fidan has been detained during a demonstration in Şırnak province and subjected to torture. ECHR found Turkey guilty of torture.

The case concerned Mehmet Fidan who was born in 1990 and lives in Şırnak (Turkey) where the ill-treatment to which Fidan had allegedly been subjected by the security forces in the course of his arrest and detention in police custody. Mehmet Fidan was arrested on 14 February 2009 by the security forces after taken into police custody during a demonstration and underwent a medical examination. He lodged a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against the police officers, alleging ill-treatment, and against one of the doctors who had examined him, alleging abuse of authority. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - On Wednesday, ‘Metro’ center for the defense of journalists announced, a photographer and a reporter of an Iraqi Kurdish TV channel were kidnapped by the ISIS gang organization near Qamishlo.

Farhad Hamo and Massoud Aqeel, two freelance journalists were picked by members of the ISIS at the Heso-Ratla junction on the main highway connecting Qamishlo to Tel Kocher. Rudaw Media Network demands the release of both journalists and urges local tribes to play their role in securing their freedom. Rudaw described Hamo and Aqeel as two professional journalists who have worked for the network in a professional and unbiased manner. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Court accepts an appeal by Hamas to be removed from EU "terror" list on grounds legal file against group does not have sufficient evidence.

The European Union's second highest court annulled on Wednesday the bloc's decision to keep Hamas on a list of terrorist organisations, but temporarily maintained the measures for a period of three months or until an appeal was closed. The General Court of the European Union said the contested measures were not based on an examination of Hamas's acts but on imputations derived from the media and the Internet.

The court said it was nevertheless maintaining the effects of the measures in order to ensure that any possible future freezing of funds would be effective. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The bodies of more than 230 people believed to have been killed by Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gangs have been found in a mass grave in eastern Syria, activists say.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said they were thought to be members of a tribe that fought the jihadist group in Deir al-Zour province in the summer. The mass grave was discovered after the tribe, the Sheitat were allowed to return home by ISIS leaders, it added. Last month, the UN said it had received reports of a massacre there in August. Investigators said it appeared to have been perpetrated by ISIS in a struggle for control of oil resources near the town of Mohassan. […]

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