NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Sustained funding and support will be vital if the United Nations and its partners are to continue assisting the millions of Iraqis affected by the ongoing crisis in the country, particularly as winter approaches, the world body's top humanitarian official said on Sunday.

Addressing reporters in Baghdad, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos highlighted the very serious humanitarian crisis resulting from the surge in violence between armed groups and Government forces which has left 1.8 million people internally displaced and hundreds of thousands in need of assistance. “Some families have been displaced multiple times and have been left terrified by what has happened to them,” she stated. […]

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - The police officer who shot dead Uğur Kurt during a funeral service at a cemevi in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı neighborhood during on May 22 claimed in his testimony that he opened fire to “neutralize an individual throwing Molotov cocktails” as he feared for his life.

The officer, identified as S.K., explained that he did not receive training for fire arms but only for gas canister rifles, adding that he did not have much experience in such interventions. “I fired one shot on an individual who was throwing at us while we were trapped in a burning vehicle, aiming at his foot in order to neutralize him. I couldn’t hit him as he escaped to an alley in the opposite side from us. […]

TIL HAMIS (DİHA) - The YPG and YPJ forces have liberated 14 more villages from ISIS gangs.

YPG-YPJ (People's - Women's Protection Units) are continuing the "revolutionary operation" they launched against ISIS gangs in the regions of Tel Maruf and Abugayf on 13 September. According to an correspondent of Hawar News Agency on the ground, YPG-YPJ forces have seized the control of 14 villages and many hamlets following severe clashes in which a number of ISIS gang members were killed and a heavy weapon ammunition office of theirs was taken.

Clashes are reported to be continuing in the areas of Abugayf and Shermux. YPG Press Centre is expected to make a detailed statement about the operation in the coming hours. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Obama administration is struggling to cut off the millions of dollars in oil revenue that has made the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria one of the wealthiest terror groups in history, reported the New York Times paper in an article titled “Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue, U.S. Seeks Assistance From Turkey”.

The NYT article by David E. Sanger and Julie Hirschfeld Davis pointed out that but so far the U.S. has been unable to persuade Turkey, the NATO ally where much of the oil is traded on the black market, to crack down on an extensive sales network. According to the paper, Western intelligence officials say they can track the ISIS oil shipments as they move across Iraq and into Turkey’s southern border regions. […]

QAMISHLO (DİHA) - Five people were killed and four others were wounded as a result of mortar attack in the Qamishlo city of West Kurdistan.

At least 10 mortar shells fell onto the city of Qamishlo and surrounding areas last night, leaving 5 civilians dead including a three month old baby, Ehmed Şahdi Hepsi, and three year old Rama Şahdi Hepsi. The casualties are reported to be members of families who migrated from Aleppo. 24 year old Şilan Hesen İbrahim also lost his life in the attack which left his mother Suila Osman and father Amar Wahid injured.

The names of other casualties haven't been clarified yet. Two of the mortar shells that fell in the Nusaybin district of Mardin province have reportedly caused material damages. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - Senior figures from a U.S.-led coalition are to meet in Paris to discuss how to defeat Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) gangs, as the latest shocking beheading of a Western hostage strengthened their resolve.

Prime Minister David Cameron vowed on the eve of the conference that Britain will hunt down those responsible for the gruesome killing of hostage David Haines, describing them as the "embodiment of evil." Haines was the third Western hostage to be beheaded by the militants in less than a month. ISIS released a video Sept. 13 showing his killing and issued a death threat against another British captive, Alan Henning. President Barack Obama offered U.S. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, ISIS, released a video titled “A Message to the Allies of America,” showing the beheading of British aid worker David Cawthorne Haines.

Haines is seen kneeling on a bare hill in a landscape that appears identical to where two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, were also beheaded. Some US officials believe that the Sotloff, Foley and Haines beheadings may have been carried out at the same time and released weeks apart to increase their impact. Haines, who was 44, was kidnapped last year while working for French humanitarian aid agency (ACTED) in Syria in March 2013. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - French President Francois Hollande said Monday there was "no time to lose" in fighting jihadists in Iraq and called for a total backing for moderate rebels in Syria as he opened an international conference in Paris.

ISIS gangs posed a "global threat which needs a global response," Hollande said. "There is no time to lose." "The fight of the Iraqis against terrorism is our fight as well," he said, calling for a "clear, loyal and strong" engagement in the country alongside the Iraqi government. Hollande also called for complete support for moderate rebels in Syria fighting President Bashar Assad's regime, saying one should support those who "can make the necessary compromises. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The Secretary-General of the United Nations said that the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani’s consideration of human rights in Iran remains symbolic, with serious efforts for improvement yet to be seen.

In his annual report about human rights in Iran, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, expressed concern that execution rates in Iran have risen. "President Rouhani has pledged to decrease restrictions on freedom of expression and to ensure security for the press," the report said. "Unfortunately, those promises have not yet led to significant improvements, and restrictions on freedom of expression continue to affect many areas of life," added the UN report. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has stated that nearly 900 French citizens have travelled to the Middle East to fight on the side of Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq and some have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gangs.

“There are today nearly 900 from France who are part of this phenomenon, either in the theatre of operations in Syria or in Iraq. There are presumably some in Iraq because the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which recruited them, takes them to all the places where it is engaged in combat,” Cazeneuve told France Info radio. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Diyarbakır Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (DİSİAD) has released a report on Ezidis forced to flee for their lives in the face of savage massacres and crimes against humanity committed by ISIS gangs that occupied the Yezidi town of Sinjar (Shengal) on 3 August.

According to the report which was jointly prepared by NGOs in the main Kurdish city, around 450 thousand Yezidis have been forced to leave their lands since the occupation, and some 100 thousand people are expected to be housed in North Kurdistan soon. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Gün (Day) TV, a local TV station broadcasting in Amed, has been punished by RTÜK (radio and television supreme council) for broadcasting 'The Pianist', which won awards at Cannes and the Oscars.

RTÜK has issued a caution to Özgür Gün TV for showing 'The Pianist', a film directed by Roman Polanski, which tells the story of a Jewish pianist who is sent to a concentration camp. RTÜK claimed the +18 symbol used at the start of the movie to warn viewers the film was not suitable for children was subsequently removed. The movie was shown on 14 August between 20.54 and 23:24. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - Rights and Freedoms Party (HAK-PAR), known to be close to the political line of the KDP, sent a delegation to Shengal (Sinjar) and South Kurdistan to carry out inspections about ISIS massacres in the region. Following the return of the delegation the party has issued a report.

The report deserves attention as it records the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces in the face of attacks of ISIS, liking it to their losing their capacity to fight and stresses the important role of PYD in opening a secure corridor to rescue the people of Sinjar from attacks. The report also says the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces was due to “lack of suitable weapons, the strength of ISIS and the unexpected ISIS attack”. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - Turkey will make contributions to military efforts against the ISIS militants, as it is a NATO member and has geographical advantages, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby says.

Turkey will make contributions to military efforts against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) gang militants in Syria and Iraq, as it is a NATO member and has geographical advantages for such an action, U.S. Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby has said. […]

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