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QAMIŞLO (DİHA) - Member of ENKS General Secretary Mehfûz Reşîd stated that parties in ENKS (Kurdish National Assembly in Syria) acted based on their own interests and that led to failure.

Mehfûz also noted that Administration of Democratic Autonomy could play its role and became successful. ENKS held a meeting in Xerbî district of Qamişlo at the center of Syrian Democratic Unity Party. Reşîd criticized parties in ENKS and stated that "ENKS must have made the decisions in Rojava, not somewhere else. ENKS must not care about its own benefits. People in Rojava know their need better". […]

ELAZIĞ (DİHA) - Turkish police organized home raids in Karakocan district of Elazig at the morning hours of the day.

The police officers searched the houses comprehensively and took 6 members of Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Karakocan Youth Assembly. The detainees Hüseyin Doğan, Kenan Kafdağlı, Ahmet İnce, Sait Özdemir, İnan Parlak and Hasan Ayık were brought to police headquarters. According to the initial reports, these six youngs were detained as they participated into the protest of military bases and outposts in Saribasak (Zelxidir) village bound to Karakocan district on 14 June. […]

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - The YPG (People's Defense Units) declared a statement of the clashes broke out in August in Kobanê Canton of Rojava.

According to the statement 68 ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gangs were killed, 6 IS headquarters and 8 cars carrying heavy weapons were completely destroyed. YPG Press Center says ISIS gangs attack Kobanê from south, east and west regions and launched 8 assaults. "All the attacks were repulsed by YPG forces" says the press center.

In these clashes 7 YPG and one Shems al-Shamal fighter lost their lives. The statement also notes that ISIS gangs still continue their attacks from three fronts. […]

SULAYMANIYAH (DİHA) - Inhuman gangs affiliated to the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) continue to burn down sacred sites and villages belonging to the Yezidi people in Sinjar.

ISIS gangs set the village of Xirana on fire two days ago. The fire started in the village on Sunday afternoon continued on Monday. ISIS gangs are feeared to have committed massacre against the elderly people who are guessed to have been staying in the village after all residents fled as a result of ISIS attacks that began on August 3. Radical jihadist gangs yesterday also attacked the village of Bare held by HPG (People's Defence Forces) guerrillas in Sinjar. […]

HEWLÊR (DİHA) - Kurds in South Kurdistan last week took the streets to protest increasing prices of oil in Hewlêr, Ranya, Helepçe, Seyîd Sadiq and many other regions.

KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) released an official statement regarding the rise and said that "due to the expenditures for the refugees, KRG had to increase the price". KRG Finance Minister Rêbaz Mûhammed talking to Rûdaw TV said that "the protestors are right yet they have consider the conditions. If every party or politician speaks differently on that issue then it will become a political problem. Kurds need unity in such times. Due to transportation of the refugess, the government had to rise the price."

According to official statements, KRG hosts 1. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Another 10 members of inhumane organization ISIS were killed in the clashes broke out in Serêkaniyê.

Clashes between ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gangs and YPG (People's Defense Units) continue in Serêkaniyê city of Rojava. Today, an ISIS group was targeted in Kuaşlex village and at least 10 ISIS members were killed. No information has been recruited who carried out the attack. YPG forces previously set a trap and killed 3 ISIS gangs, said YPG Press Center. […]

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - A tent set up by the DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) youth assembly in the Kanarya neighbourhood of Istanbul to oppose drugs, prostitution and assimilation was raided by Turkish police this morning and 4 protesters were taken into custody.

The tent which was set up by the DBP youth assembly last week was broken up by Turkish police in the early hours of the morning. Turkish police arrested four protesters, named as Fuat Sevinç, Şirin Baloz and Bayram and Kemal whose last names couldn't be clarified. The tent and equipment inside the tent was also seized by Turkish police.

The youths arrested by the police are being held at a police station in the İnönü neighbourhood of Küçükçekmece district. […]

MUŞ (DİHA) - A truck used for asphalt work and 2 asphalt vehicles were set alight by a group in Muş.

According to information coming through, a group set a truck and 2 asphalt vehicles alight near the campus of Muş Alparslan university on the Muş-Amed highway. As the group left the scene the Muş fire brigade extinguished the fire. […]

HESEKE (DİHA) - The YPG General Command has announced it has temporarily closed the corridor established between Mount Sinjar and Rojava, by means of which tens of thousands of Yezidi Kurds were saved, due to attacks.

The command said when security measures were completed in a few days time the corridor would reopen. The YPG General Command has issued a statement regarding the security corridor, the only route, between Sinjar and Rojava. The Command statement said the corridor, through which tens of thousands of stranded Yezidi Kurds escaped, had been closed temporarily on account of increasing attacks in recent days.

It added the corridor would be reopened within a few days when security measures were completed. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - Turkish government spokesperson Bülent Arınç made a statement following a cabinet meeting, saying all authority regarding the process of resolution had been concentrated with the Prime Minister.

Regarding the process Bülent Arınç responded to a question as to whether he had been given any responsibility thus: "The Prime Minister did not consider it appropriate to give a deputy PM responsibility for the co-ordination of the process of resolution." Arınç added: "all authority is with the PM as regards the process. […]

JAZAA (DİHA) - The YPG Press Centre provided information regarding the liberation of two villages in Jazaa and clashes in Kobanê.

The YPG Press Centre has announced the liberation of two more villages in the Jazaa area; "Operations launched on the night of 28 August against ISIS gangs in the Jazaa area are continuing. On 31 August an operation was launched on the villages of Bêgara and Zerga." The statement reported that ISIS gangs were driven out of both Bêgara and Zerga, and the villages have come under the control of YPG forces. "In the last 3 days 5 villages and 5 hamlets have been cleansed of gang members", YPG Press Centre said. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Bianet interviewed Sabiha Khalil from Syrian Women’s Network (SKA) before she left Turkey three months ago. We talked to her about Syria issue and conditions of refugees.

Sabiha Khalil from Syrian Women’s Network (SKA) argued that a political solution should be found out for the problems of Syrian refugees. “Many ameliorations can be made for refugees but not a paradise can be created fro them. Wherever you go, your home is always the best,” she said. Khalil emphasized that women are always those who suffer from the war to the largest extent and “unless war is over, the miseries will not go away. Therefore, women trafficking and forced marriages (also at early age) are problems that Syrian women still face often,” she added. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Amnesty International on Sept. 2 accused Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) fighters of "systematic ethnic cleansing" in northern Iraq, as Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters and Shiite militiamen backed by U.S. air strikes fought back against the jihadists.

The military gains came as a senior U.N. rights official said ISIS jihadists had carried out "acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale" in Iraq, and caretaker premier Nuri al-Maliki vowed the country would be the group's "graveyard." The London-based Amnesty meanwhile cited "hair-raising" accounts from survivors of massacres, accusing the jihadists of "war crimes, including mass summary killings and abductions. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Iranian regime's authorities in a prison in southern Iran hanged a group of eight prisoners on Thursday, August 28, State-run Mehr News Agency reported.

The victims who were identified by their initials mostly had been arrested for drug smuggling. The report said all the inmates were hanged in the city's main prison. The number of executions has been on the rise since Hassan Rouhani assumed office as the president of the Iranian regime August 2013. New wave of executions take place at a time when, hundreds have been subjected to degrading and inhumane punishments such as flogging in public and being paraded in streets. Some very brutally before being hanged. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Kurdish forces killed a prominent Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) leader and captured 36 militants near Sulaiman Beg.

“Abu Taiba has been killed and 36 other militants were captured by Peshmerga forces in Sulaiman Beg,” said an official. Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been fighting Islamist militants at Sulaiman Beg, 80 kilometers east of Tikrit, for the past two days. “Peshmerga and Iraqi forces supported by the US airpower have been pounding Sulaiman Beg for the last 22 hours and according to the information Peshmerga forces gave to me, there has been lots of casualties in the ranks of the IS militants and many have been killed,” said the official. […]

JAZAA (DİHA) - The YPG Press Centre has announced the liberation of two more villages in the Jazaa area, while 10 ISIS members are reported to have been killed in the Kobanê region.

The YPG Press Centre provided information regarding the villages of Bêgara and Zerga and clashes in Kobanê. Operations launched on the night of 28 August against ISIS gangs in the Jazaa area are continuing. On 31 August an operation was launched on the villages of Bêgara and Zerga."

5 villages and 5 hamlets liberated in last 3 days

The statement continued: "ISIS gangs were driven out of both Bêgara and Zerga, and the villages have come under the control of YPG forces. . In the last 3 days 5 villages and 5 hamlets have been cleansed of gang members. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - A total of at least 1,420 Iraqis were killed and another 1,370 were injured in acts of terrorism and violence in August , according to casualty figures released today by UNAMI (United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq).

“In August alone the UN estimates that 600,000 people have been displaced while thousands continue to be targeted and killed by ISIL and associated armed groups simply on account of their ethnic or religious background”, said the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Nickolay Mladenov. “The true cost of this human tragedy is staggering”, he said. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) gang militants have used cluster munitions in Syria in at least one location and Syria's regime is continuing to use the widely banned weapon, Human Rights Watch said.

The New York-based group, citing reports from local Kurdish officials and photographic evidence, said ISIS fighters had used cluster bombs on July 12 and August 14. The group said it was believed to be the first time ISIS had used cluster bombs, and it was unclear how it had acquired them. Cluster munitions contain dozens or hundreds of small bomblets and can be fired in rockets or dropped from the air. […]

SİİRT (DİHA) - Turkish soldiers demolished a “Martyrdoom” built by families of guerrillas who lost their lives in the Siirt region.

According to the information coming through, Turkish soldiers demolished the walls of the “martyr's cemetery” which some families have started to build only recently for the burial of their children who lost their lives in different places and at different times in the area of the Mawa Mountain near the village of Şemsê (Güneşli) in Siirt province. Soldiers took a bulldozer to the cemetery for the demolition.

Two helicopters are reported to be carrying out reconnaissance flight in the region where military activity also continues. […]

TIL TEMIR (DİHA) - Movement of Language and Education (TZP) established its assembly consisting 23 members.

Member of TZP Coordination in Cizîre Canton Aldar Ehmed made a speech paying attention to the recent attacks on Rojava and said that everybody must work to protect what has been gained so far. Ehmed also called on all Kurds to practice and save their language. After Ehmed's talk, the assembly was formed with 21 members and Ebdulhemîd Ebadî and Raperîn Yûsif were elected as the co-presidents of the assembly. […]

DERİK (DİHA) - A delegation of the DTK (Democratic Society Congress) Health Assembly has arrived in Rojava to determine the needs of the Yezidi refugees in Newroz camp in Derik city of West Kurdistan.

The 11-person delegation will make observation in Rojava for a week during which they will hold talks with relevant officials and perform medical checkup on the people taking refuge at the Newroz camp now. The delegation will prepare a report which will be shared with the press after their return from Rojava. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - A new group has taken over the vigil initiated for the freedom of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in front of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The vigil has continued for 799 days without interruption. The vigil, which had been carried out by the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe for a week, was taken over by a group consisting of 4 people coming from Hamburg in Germany. The vigil will be carried out this week by Kurdish protestors whose names are Sadik Baydac, Ömer Önen, Hacı Selahattin Çelik and H. Hulusi Barak. […]

SERÊKANIYÊ (DİHA) - The YPG (People’s Protection Units) press centre declared that YPG fighters have carried out 2 ambush operations against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) gangs in Serêkaniyê.

According to the statement, YPG fighters ambushed a convoy consisting of vehicles of the gangs near the village of Kuhshila. After the ambush, it is reported that 2 vehicles were destroyed, 5 gang members were killed, and 1 gang member was wounded. In another operation targeting ISIS gangs in Hilo village, YPG said 2 gang members were killed and one member was wounded.

Meanwhile, ISIS gangs launched artillery fire on the villages of Jib al Faraj, Ketash and Derbazin in Kobanê canton. […]

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