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NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - Mass atrocities by Government forces and non-State armed groups continue to take place in Syria, causing immeasurable suffering to civilians, according to a UN report released today. The report stated that the continuous influx of foreign fighters and the success of extremist groups – such the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham – were among the factors which had contributed to a spillover of violence affecting international peace and stability. “Risks of the conflict spreading further are palpable”, it emphasized.

The report, based on 480 interviews and a wealth of documentary material, chronicles the unimaginable brutality and human cost of the Syrian conflict. […]

RABÎA (DİHA) - Over 6 members of ISIS gangs were killed by the YPG fighters in the clashes in Rabia territory.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gangs attacked YPG (People's Protection Units) fronts in Rabia and were responded by YPG forces, leaving 6 ISIS members dead. ISIS gangs have been attacking Jazaa since 19th July and today attacked Rabia region. Local reports say that severe clashes broke out after ISIS gangs' assaults and YPG killed 6 ISIS gangs.

Other ISIS members wanted to take the funerals by a car but YPG targeted the car with a rocket killing 4 more ISIS gangs in the car. […]

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - Last night severe clashes were reported between ISIS gangs and YPG (People's Defense Units) in Kobanê Canton of Rojava where YPG destroyed two cars belonging to ISIS gangs.

Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gangs wanted to attack Girê Zagros yet were responded by YPG forces. YPG says a great number of ISIS gangs were killed in the clashes and the rest had to withdraw from the region towards Kherab Eto village. […]

KERKÛK (DİHA) - The leader of Arab tribe was attacked and killed in Kerkûk.

Kerim Avvad, leader of Elliheyip tribe, an Arab tribe, and his guards were attacked in Kerkûk city of Federal Kurdistan Region. Their cars were targeted on the way in Aden neighborhood. Avvad and two of his guards lost their lives just after the attack. An investigation was launched regarding the assasination.

Iraqi army withdrew from Kerkûk on 12 June and since then Peshmerge forces provide security. […]

ANKARA (DİHA) - 13 media institutions, including Cihan News Agency, were restrained from broadcasting AKP congress on the account that they weren’t accredited. These 13 institutions will not attend the congress where Turkey’s new PM will be determined.

13 media institutions weren’t accredited for covering live AKP’s 1st Extraordinary Congress where new AKP Chairperson and new PM of Turkey will be determined. Cumhuriyet, Sözcü,Yeni Çağ, BirGün, Aydınlık, Halk TV, Ulusal Kanal, Evrensel, Bugün, Samanyolu News, Kanal Türk, Zaman, and Cihan News Agency were not accredited. These institutions will not be allowed in the congress where new PM, who is going to found 62nd Government of Turkey, will be determined. […]

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) gangs, who were detained by YPG (People's Defense Units) in the clashes in Rojava, will confess their connections in Turkey and bloody plan in Şengal (Sinjar) on a program in Sterk TV.

STÊRK TV is going to release a documentary named "Ignoble Gangs: ISIS" tonight at 19:45. In the video, more than 20 ISIS gangs explain how they come to Rojava and South Kurdistan and carry out massacres. ISIS gangs say that they can easily come to Turkey and travel to Syria. They also note that they have bases in Riha (Şanliurfa) and Adana.

Turkey's role in ISIS attacks has been publicized many times by Kurds and international media. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The Kurdish Peshmerga forces shelled a number of hideouts and strongholds belonging to ISIS in Jalawla.

Federal Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces shelled a number of hideouts and strongholds belonging to the so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), in al- Tajneed neighborhood in Jalawla. The shelling resulted in the killing of 4 of the ISIS gang members and wounding a large number of them according to preliminary statistics, a source in the Peshmerga forces told PUKmedia. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Two police officers have been killed in separate gun attacks one day after the other in Diyarbakır.

Ali Kızıloğlu, who was temporarily working at the intelligence branch of the Diyarbakır Police Department, was shot in front of his house in the Peyaz neighborhood of the district of Kayapınar at around 9:00 p.m. on August 26. Kızıloğlu was pronounced dead at Dicle University Hospital where he was taken after being wounded by three gun shots.

Meanwhile, another police officer, Osman Bal, was shot and killed by an assailant in front of his house on August 25. The Diyarbakır Police have responded by launching an investigation. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - The construction of the Silvan Dam in Diyarbakır has been halted after a recent warning of HPG (People's Defence Forces) fighters.

According to the information obtained from local sources, the companies running the construction have retracted after HPG guerrillas have recently left a warning note to the site of the Silvan Dam. No construction works have taken place at the site in in Silvan district for the last two days. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The 'Gateway to Jihad' is along an open stretch of rugged Turkish border used by estimated 20 foreign recruits to cross into Syria and Iraq every day, wrote Sam Greenhill for the British Daily Mail in his colomn, attributing his claims to the observations he made in the border town of Reyhanlı in Turkey.

Greenhill stated in his articled titled "How seven radicalised young Britons a week are taking the Gateway to Jihad" that an average of seven Britons a week are crossing over to Syria and Iraq from this wide open stretch of rugged Turkish border. […]

SERÊKANIYÊ (DİHA) - People's Protection Units (YPG) Press Office said in a statement that at least 16 members of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gangs were killed in the last two days in Serêkaniyê region of West Kurdistan.

The statement remarked that YPG and YPJ (Women's Protection Units) took action upon reports that people in three separate areas in Serêkaniyê have been oppressed by ISIS gangs. According to the statement, YPG/YPJ fighters carried out an action targeting a checkpoint of ISIS gangs between the villages of Burka and Um Al Asafi south to Serêkaniyê, killing six gang members and wounding two others on August 25 evening. […]

SİİRT (DİHA) - 10 year old Semanur Parlaküşer who remained missing after the flood in Alkumru dam on August 24 was found dead today in the river in an area 6 km away from the dam.

Dozens of people picnicking by the Botan River near the village of Kayaboğaz (Xerte) in Siirt province were swept away by a flash flood after valves were opened on the Alkumru dam on 24 August. The rescue team and volunteers continuing the search since the incident on Sunday had recovered the bodies of five people on Monday morning.

In another development, 5 officers working at the electricity production units of Alkumru and Kirazlı dams were taken into custody within the context of an investigation initiated by Siirt Public Prosecutor into the disaster. […]

SERÊKANIYÊ (DİHA) - The attacks of ISIS on Jazaa, which started on 19 August, continue.

Having suffered a heavy defeat in the face of strong resistance of YPG fighters, ISIS is now trying to gather strength by launching attacks in the region of Serêkaniyê. 6 gang members were killed in clashes there with YPG forces. Issuing a statement about recent developments, the YPG Press Office said: “ISIS gangs attempted a suicide attack on emplacements of our forces on 26 August at 01:00 with an explosive-laden truck. The truck was destroyed where the gangs were located with a quick intervention of our forces”. […]

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), currently meeting in Geneva, has issued a statement requesting that the Human Rights Council convene a special session on the human rights situation in Iraq, and urging the United Nations Secretary-General to submit to the Security Council the suggestion that a United Nations peace force be set up as temporary emergency measure to create a safe zone in the plain of Nineveh. […]

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Eleven political parties and organisations have organised "Desteya Diyalogê ya Kurd (Kurdish dialogue commission)” in order to accelerate the work for national unity.

11 political parties and organisations including the DTK (democratic society congress) KADEP, Nûbihar Komele, ÖSP, DDKD, DBP, Return to Essence Platform, KDP (Kurdistan Democrat Party) Med-Zehra and Azadî initiative have organised a collective working group under the name of "Desteya Diyalogê ya Kurd (Kurdish dialogue commission)” in order to take a joint position in an emergency situation and in order to accelerate the work for national unity. […]


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