If Pepper Is Bitter, Then SDP Is An Extension Of Illegal Organization!

According to the indictment of the case where SDP members were tried due to the Gezi resistance; ESP is an extension of MLKP. So the SDP is also an extension of the Revolutionary Headquarters. Law and devoid of evidence, the indictment is a product of reductionist logic, “Truth hurts. Pepper also hurt, then pepper is […]

Retaliatory Action For Berkin Elvan From TIKKO

TKP / ML TIKKO Dersim guerrillas carried out retaliatory action against Berkin Elvan, who lost his life due to police cartridge. TKP / ML TİKKO Dersim Regional Command announced the action with a written statement. In the statement, “At 19:30 in the evening of March 14, our guerrillas carried out a retaliatory action against the […]